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Click here to support Jen and Matt Coles by Bri Marie


Jen and Matt are my boyfriends cousins. They are goodhearted and kind people. As a young couple they have had to endure the worse possible situations imaginable this past year. They have lost 2 children. One before he was born, and the other was their 9 year old daughter Alacea. She was never expected to leave the hospital after her birth. The doctors told Jen and Matt that she would never be able to go home with them. But by the grace of whatever being exists out there, she did go home. She lived 9 wonderful years, and brought such joy to everyone who knew her before she passed. Right now, Jen and Matt need help to afford the financial hardships that often come with the passing of a loved one. Anything you could donate would be helpful. Or if you can’t donate, if you could just reblog this so that someone who can could see it, that would be very helpful as well.

Thank you to anyone who reblogs or donates. 

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