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#can we talk about how everyone else just gets pissed off or annoyed at Tony’s sass #but Bruce is smiling #he thinks it’s funny #he’s just so happy that someone is engaging with him #teasing him even #how long has it been since someone has been comfortable enough around Bruce to tease him about something? #he probably can’t even remember #and now here’s Tony who isn’t afraid of him #who thinks he’s awesome #who wants to be his friend #ugh okay that got away from me but THESE TWO OKAY

#THIS HURTS IN UNEXPECTED WAYS #BECAUSE IN THE FIRST GIF SHE’S SAYING GOODBYE TO HER NORMAL BORING LIFE AND TRADING IT FOR ALL OF TIME AND SPACE #AND IN THE SECOND ONE SHE’S DOING THE EXACT OPPOSITE #SHE’S GIVING UP ALL OF THE ADVENTURES SHE MIGHT HAVE JUST TO LIVE A CALM MARRIED LIFE WITH RORY #and i bet you anything that the young amy pond in the first gif would have never expected herself to make such a decision #this is what you call character development ladies and gentlemen

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